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Someone suggested me that relationship of client/therapist is unique and not every therapist will work for every client..I am happy I found Ruchika as my therapist while I was going through a very tough phase of life, she understood my emotions in a way which no one else could, which help validation which I what I was looking for..
Ruchika is great with her with and very patient!! I would totally recommend her as therapist of choice.
Miss S
Corporate Employee
Can't thank her enough! I was totally confused, lost and broken at one point of life. Then magically, she appeared in my life like an angel. Whenever and whatever problems I shared, I got immediate solutions and tips to go ahead in life.
She explored the root cause of my inner child trauma problem, professional -personal life issues and overall life structure. I got to know about my emotions, behavior and constantly improving under her supervision.
I would without a single doubt recommend her to anyone who is facing any kind of issues whether it's physical, mental or spiritual. Lots of love
Mr. C
Yoga Instructor

Ruchika is one of the most non-judgemental and kind therapist. She works on deep and root level of client's issues rather than working superficially through basic talk therapy. The best part about her is that she constantly works on self healing and has the courage to be vulnerable and honest about her personal healing experiences on her Instagram page, which strengthens my trust in her as a therapist!

Miss V
Psychologist & Counsellor
She is a life saver! I went to her when nothing was right in my life. I see a lot of calmness in her eyes, around her feels like everything is good.
You can trust her with your ugliest truth of life. If in doubt, just try her, you'll see.
Miss R
Corporate Employee
Found Ruchika to be very patient and empathetic. Her voice is very soothing and calms your nerves. 
She very skillfully took me around my problem area and gave clarity to my patterns.
Thanks Ruchika!
Miss N
Handwriting Analyst

Ruchika is quite an integrative therapist. She is able to make a client feel safe while at the time actively navigating their trauma concerns efficiently. I highly vouch for her to be your psychotherapist.

Miss S
Psychologist & Counsellor
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