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Awaken Your Inner Buddha
without Meditation

A group program that has helped hundreds of adults to tackle negative thoughts and emotions to experience peace

Smiling Monk

With only 5 mins daily for a month, you will be able to-

Keep calm and de-stress even in demanding situations

Discover methods to develop focus and clarity without trying hard

Be kind to yourself and others around you

Not get disturbed by negative thoughts and emotions- be your best supporter!

Learn to deal with anxiety & depression with Scientifically proven methods that work

Success Stories

What our participants have achieved in life after completing the workshop

Mr Shri got rid of overthinking & made the right career decision with confidence- after years of self-doubt

Ms Anu is now less self-critical & knows perfectly how to handle negative thoughts

Mrs Shweta found relief from years of painful anxiety and knows how to tackle uncomfortable thoughts & emotions

Mrs Padma got her focus back & cracked exams for PhD in her dream college!

Mrs Sushma now knows how to not react to unwanted negative thoughts, and even how to have fun with them!

Mrs. Roma was able to understand the reasons behind her emotional pain and was able to step outside her victim zone with self-compassion.

These are real people who showed up (only names have been changed to maintain privacy). They had no previous practice of Mindfulness or any form of meditation. This is their work from scratch!

This course has changed my life in a good way for my professional as well as my personal life. My self-esteem has gone up, my focus has been increased which helps me to do my work effectively, my productivity has doubled up . I am a happier person and most importantly I have learnt to accept myself as it is with all problems of life.”

Miss. D Rana

(Stylist & Curator at Myntra)

The process-

Once you register, you will be added to our closed Facebook group where we host the program in a community that learns and thrives togeher. Within 1 month, you will cover 14 modules which are very easy to understand and practice.


With just a little practice, you will be surprised to see how you deal with yourself & the world so positively, just by devoting 5 mins daily.

Our participants' favourite topics-

The mind-mistakes even smart people make everyday

Relax yourself in no time when feeling tensed/anxious with Buddha breathing

"Sharma ji” method to deal with negative disturbing thoughts

Using your body as a ‘magic vessel’ to find peace and clarity

Register for the upcoming batch! Seats are limited.

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Who am I?

Hi! I'm Ruchika Garg, an award winning Emotional Wellness Therapist & Coach, working with clients worldwide to help them release emotional baggage, childhood trauma so you can find your peace.


I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression when I was 20, and I've struggled with anxiety pretty much of my life.


I learnt Mindfulness to find my own peace and since then I've never been afraid of negative emotions or thoughts.


This is for you if you want to cultivate peace of mind through simple and powerful methods.

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