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"The pain of trauma can be the catalyst for personal growth, leading us to discover inner strength and resilience we never knew we possessed."
– David Berceli (Trauma intervention expert)

Are your experiencing the effects of past trauma?

The list is long...

Check if you are expeiencing these-

Note- This checklist is not a diagnostic tool, but it can help you understand if inner child therapy (aka childhood trauma therapy) might be a beneficial part of your healing journey. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it may be worth exploring in therapy.

These symptoms are not random

Many adults experiencing these symptoms are not aware of the root cause- a traumatic episode (big or small) in the past, which is buried deep within us- only rising to the surface when we are emotionally triggered.


Time does not heal trauma- safety, connection and acceptance does

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How does it work?

Hear it from our client

"Therapy sessions with Ruchika have always been soulful and heartwarming. The space she holds makes one naturally open up and share whatever is going on inside.


She listens with her full presence and holds space unbiasedly for all the emotions one is carrying.


One can shamelessly express whatever they want, and she would understand. Not only does she hold space for our internal world but also very swiftly teaches us to compassionately hold space for our emotions so that we can understand them and listen to the messages they are holding for us.


Her approach is simple yet strong and is in-depth. It is about making a deeper connection with oneself, going to the roots of a problem and releasing the blockages at the base.


Legit after every session, I have felt empowered and more aware of myself, aware of the wounds I have been carrying, the unconscious depths of the scars, aware of the internal dynamics that are at play in stopping my progress, and every other thing that my conscious mind is unable to grasp and comprehend."

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Miss R

Psychologist & Counsellor

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More About Trauma Recovery

“Recovery can take place only within then context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.”

โ€• Judith Lewis Herman

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