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"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect."

Peter A. Levine

Therapeutic Interventions

Outcome Oriented Sessions Addressing Root-cause 

Transformation in fewer sessions than conventional therapy

More Efficient than


Non-judgmental, Private, Safe and Trauma-informed

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Are Your Problems a Result of Trauma?

Client Testimonials

"Ruchika is a gifted soul who can add so much value through her work in your life. As a business coach, I always work with my clients to achieve future goals. While we focus on future there are elements of past that come at play for all of us.
Ruchika is a master in removing those elements of past which adds on baggage to walk with and adds unwanted pressure to re-live the unhealthy patterns. I highly recommend her services."

Shraddha Subramanian

Business & Executive Coach,

Founder & CEO, Sparkling Soul

"I have worked with Ruchika- I reached out to collaborate with her as I had experienced the power of her work. She works with my clients on mindset recalibration and deeper issues that are subconscious or unconscious.
The sessions with Ruchika help them go much deeper in our Coaching sessions and create change that lasts.
I think Ruchika is a whiz at what she does, the deep Emotional and Trauma work she does has a magical impact."

Alpa Kapadia Teli

Executive Coach & Trainer,

Founder Ignite The Spark

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Fee Structure

Sessions for deep trauma work (90 mins)

(Recommended if you have clarity about your emotional issues and are ready to dive deep)

Individual session: Rs. 9,500/- ($135)

6 sessions: Rs. 45,000/- ($640)

Counselling sessions (60 mins)

(Recommended if you are new to therapy and need warming up before deeper work can be done)

6 sessions- Rs. 30,000/- ($430)

Individual session- Rs. 6500/- ($95)

Consultation is provided online and offline from Gurgaon, India

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