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Ruchika Garg Modi- Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Coach for women in Gurgaon, mindfulness, inner child work


Are you seeking emotional balance, wisdom, and peace in your life? Are you ready to release the burdens of childhood trauma and rediscover the joy and freedom within you?

Look no further. I'm here to guide you safely.

This is for you if you are-

A working woman (Woman Entrepreneur, Therapist, Coach, Celebrity, or HNI)

I work with men only if they are ready to work with emotions.

What is holding you back


Sacrificing your needs & desires for others


Self-doubt and confusion in making a decision for yourself


Feeling triggered or over-reacting to situations


Feeling lost about how to move ahead, lack of self-awareness


Feeling disconnected from self and others.


Feeling fearful, anxious, low in energy, tired all the time.

Blowing Flour

Waiting for these problems to resolve on their own is what keeps most people stuck.

With me, you can finally release these burdens and get in touch with your inner calling to create a life that reflects the REAL YOU.

What you will experience

What to expect?

  1. A deep dive deep into your emotional world

  2. Unraveling the layers that hold you back

  3. Explore the root causes of your emotional challenges

  4. Develop practical strategies for emotional regulation, self-care, and growth.

  5. nurturing and supportive environment

  6. Guidance, perspective, and therapy strategies that suit you

Ready to Begin?

counselling and therapy in Gurgaon

Session fee

With the depth, intuition and experience that I offer, I receive Rs. 50,000/- for 6 sessions from my clients, where each session is 1.5 hrs. Session package can be customized as per your needs.

 I consult online and from my home office in Gurgaon.

My journey

I was brainwashed into a cult for 9 years, and the trauma left nothing undamaged- personally and professionally. I got out with no sense of self-worth.

Being a career-driven woman myself, this was unbearable.

My healing journey started when I stopped running away from myself. This journey created expansion and freedom - confidence, high self-worth and an unwavering faith in my intuition. 

My career has flourished since then, no looking back!

My purpose is to help you reclaim your balance and freedom, so that nothing comes in the way of a full life for you.

Just like I found mine

Ruchika Garg trauma informed therapist for women in Gurgaon

A word from my clients

Happy Woman
"I experienced better sleep and peeled the layers to delve into the mindset and beliefs that were not allowing me to achieve my goals. I loved the way in which Ruchika made me feel completely safe and took me deeper into the core of the problem.
It was a very wonderful experience and Ruchika was very gentle and empathetic with the traumatic childhood experiences which were disturbing. She led the session with a lot of understanding and love.
Identity concealed
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