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What my clients say

Mr C (Yoga instructor)

Childhood trauma & relationships

He was heartbroken after a relationship ended. His relationship patterns stemmed from his childhood, and after a combination of Mindfulness and Inner Child work, he was able to forgive himself and find happiness again


Mrs S (Nutritionist)

Feeling stuck in life

She felt a strong force opposing her effort to lose weight and felt stuck in life in general. We explored her subconscious mind through past-life regression sessions and ancestral healing. She found her 'driving force' and developed a great level of awareness and intuition towards her body and life-purpose.

Ms V (Corporate Employee)

Setting boundaries, childhood issues

She started therapy as she was unable to say No to people, and also carried childhood wounds.

With counselling and inner child work, she is now setting boundaries and feels more compassionate towards herself.


Ms D (Psychologist)

Anger & Relationship issues

She was unable to understand why she felt so angry towards certain people in life, and was struggling to navigate her relationship.

We explored how her tendencies were rooted in childhood trauma and body shaming. These patterns were understood and released using Age Regression Therapy.

She now feels more confident and composed in her life.


When you overcome your problems to be close to your true self, you liberate others to do the same..

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Our problems are our comfort-zones, and only beyond this zone lies the life we've always wanted to live..