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If you're experiencing emotional pain- because of a toxic pattern, a painful past, or unknown reasons- I can support you. In the last 6 years, I've helped hundreds of adults all over the world to find freedom from deep emotional pain.



1. Do a Quick Intro call

A 30 min Zoom call (no charges) to discuss your problems and form an effective treatment plan for you, along with sessions' packages. 

Note- I only work with adults (age 28+) who are ready to work through emotions and/or explore past trauma.

2. Get Started with Sessions & OES

We meet 1:1 on Zoom and work towards the root cause of your problems in a safe and empathetic space. OES (Offline Empowering Support) helps you in-between sessions.

3. Track Your Progress

Update daily progress in our Accountability sheet (that I'll have access to) and make your little steps count. 

Why my clients trust me

My secret sauce for client's success

From Emotional Pain to Freedom

We use your negative emotions to make your life better!


1. Negative emotions are there to tell us something we should know about ourselves- they are messengers that carry deep wisdom.

2. Negative emotions from current life's problems can help us discover past trauma and heal them- where trauma is the root cause of several issues in our life

For 6 years, I've helped my clients to use negative emotions to their advantage. 

With this method- Negative emotions are gone (because their work is done!). They leave behind deep wisdom about you, and true happiness that you would never have to forcefully create. That, is real freedom.


Get Started Today

"Ruchika is an amazing therapist. She patiently listened to my problems repeatedly and helped me understand the underlying issues. Her sessions gave me hope and courage, which were missing from my life. I am still following her techniques that had a huge impact on my way of looking at things.
I've evolved a lot through my sessions and would definitely recommend her if you're going through a difficult time".


 +91 9593-442-902


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