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Reclaim Your Magical Womb

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You're a woman who is ready to fulfill her purpose

You have a dream

But the problem is -

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
-Marianne Williamson

Your Feminine gifts are untouched-

  • You don’t know how to connect with your magical womb space

  • You feel disconnected with the beauty & wisdom of your feminine body

  • You don’t know how to use your cycles to your benefit

  • You bear exhausting period pain and PMS

  • You feel period blood is dirty, your vagina is dirty

  • You feel (or have felt) guilt and shame around periods and sexuality

In short- You don’t recognize the power that comes with your femininity because you’ve been made to believe that that’s ‘normal’ for everyone.


And as a result-

  • You allow others to take too much from you

  • You doubt yourself even though you know you are gifted

  • You easily compromise because ‘that’s what women do’

  • You don’t enjoy intimacy as much

  • Your intuition and creativity are blocked or under-utilized

  • You have problems in your womb/ovaries

  • You are unable to conceive even if you’re medically fit

Let's change that for good! Shall we?



Divine Feminine Sisterhood

Your journey from wounded feminine to graceful Goddess!

What you will experience:

  • Claim your Feminine body- feel safe & powerful inside a woman’s body to tap into your inborn gifts.

  • Divine Feminine Initiation- connect with & talk to your Divine Feminine. Instantly connect whenever you need guidance and power.

  • Unblock Intuition- Simple ‘Blackboard’ method to burst open intuition. Make life decisions without self-doubt.

  • The Womb breath- Use the breath to tap into its magic and wisdom, understand how your cycles work for you.

  • Womb trauma healing- Heal womb trauma to enjoy intimacy, clarity in life, positive energy, and radiating femininity.

  • Emotional alchemy- Tune into “negative” emotions and convert them into your biggest source of wisdom, unblock emotions that create womb problems.

  • Sacral quest- master your Swadishthana chakra and overcome guilt/shame.

  • Reclaiming the first period- heal your first-period experience to welcome periods with less/no pain and PMS.

  • Wisdom walk- Connect with your maternal ancestors and walk with your ancestors behind you, unblock the flow of life.











Here's what's included: 

8 group calls on Zoom across 10 weeks

2 private womb clearing sessions with me

1 private womb clearing session with a Reiki expert



This is for you if you are ready to see yourself as a sacred woman who is fiercely connected with her body and soul.

By the end of the experience, you'll know what it truly means to love yourself. You will discover that your emotions, body, and womb are the biggest sources of wisdom and guidance, and you’ll feel confident in leading a life of purpose, intuition, and clarity.

You will honor the sacred in you, I promise.

Invest in claiming your Femininity! You're worth it!

Women Holding Hands

Connect with me to confirm your slot or to check if this is right for you

a sneak peak into
Divine Feminine Sisterhood

Goddess Womb healing

Program testimonial by Ms R (therapist)

WhatsApp Goddess Womb healing2022-02-10 at 1.24.03 PM

Ms S was able to slowly release her sexual inhibitions by finding her self love

Goddess Womb healing

The connection we all share in the program :))

Goddess Womb healing

Our participant releasing difficult emotions through advanced EFT

Goddess Womb healing

Experience with 'Womb breath'- a method used to connect with the womb and release trauma

Goddess Womb healing

Period blood ritual to tap into the Divine Feminine wisdom and reclaim lost feminine intuition and power


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