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Your Womb is Magical

An experience for women longing to connect with their true feminine strengths.

​This is for you if-

  • You don’t know how to connect with your magical womb space

  • You feel disconnected with the beauty & wisdom of your feminine body

  • You don’t know how to use your cycles to your benefit

  • You bear exhausting period pain and PMS

  • You feel period blood is dirty, your vagina is dirty

  • You feel (or have felt) guilt and shame around periods and sexuality

In short- You don’t recognize the power that comes with your femininity because you’ve been made to believe that that’s ‘normal’ for everyone.

And as a result


You allow others to take too much from you


You easily compromise because you think ‘that’s what women do’


Your intuition and creativity are blocked or under-utilized


You doubt yourself even though you know you are gifted


You don’t enjoy intimacy as much as you'd like to


You are unable to conceive even if you’re medically fit

If you can feel the truth of these problems resonating with you, and you're eager to re-connect with your authentic self, this workshop is for you.

What you will experience-

Ruchika Garg Modi- counselling psychologist and psychotherapist for women in Gurgaon, inner child therapist, womb healing workshop


Emotional and spiritual significance of the womb

Your womb is not just a place to bleed and birth, its much more! It is your internal guide in healing and living a life in alignment with your values.


Real reasons behind period-pain and PMS

Despite common saying that it's normal to have period pain and be 'hormonal' before periods- learn what is the emotional, scientific reason behind it and why its essential to our emotional well being


How to utilize monthly cycles for emotional clearing

Learn simple and powerful methods to understand when difficult emotions are arising during your cycles and asking for your attention- create balance, better health and happiness.

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