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Counsellors & Therapists I Recommend

Rasi image copy - Rasi Sethia.png

Ms. Rasi Sethia

Counselling Psychologist 

"I believe in connecting with your inner realm and understanding your emotional churns, needs & goals. I dig deeper to understand the root causes and bring in nourishment there"


Explore with me-

Relationship issues, life transitions, abuse and trauma, past-memory entanglements, body-image related concerns, pain management.


Rs. 2000/- per session (1 hour)

Rs. 9900/- for 6 sessions

IMG_9283 - Anshul Jhambani.jpg

Ms. Anshul Jhambani

Intergenerational Trauma Coach

"When a client comes into my healing space, we start with removing layers of systemic expectations that keep them away and make them doubtful about their true selves. I believe that life should flow seamlessly and organically, desires and sense of deserving should be at par."

Explore with me-

Identity Affirming Thought Work, Intergenerational Trauma, Queer and Kink affirmative counselling, Inner Child Healing, Mother Wound Healing, Somatic Therapy, Chakra Healing and Reiki.


Rs. 6500/- per session (90 mins)

Rs. 30,000/- for 6 sessions

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