Therapy for Emotional wellness

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“There’s a difference between 'Coping' and 'Healing' 

When I learn skills to deal with a problem, I’m Coping.

When I unlearn and explore the roots of the problem, I’m Healing”

-Ruchika Garg


Contrary to what most people say, we don’t always choose our response to a situation. Sometimes we react and feel like we have no control.


This is because our mind, particularly our subconscious mind, holds patterns of responses, and we follow those patterns. It’s comfortable to follow these old patterns but it’s the same that keeps us stuck.


Once we heal the problem at its core, the pattern is released from the subconscious and that is where we get the freedom to choose how to respond, instead of staying within the comfortable old ways.

I have helped hundreds of adults find freedom from their patterns, such as-

  • Anxiety

  • Negative thinking and overthinking

  • Relationship issues with partners or parents

  • Getting closure with a deceased loved one

  • The pain of Past trauma

  • Self-sabotage

  • Low self-confidence

  • Blocks to success

  • Dealing with uncomfortable emotions



I use a holistic approach and combine Psychological Counselling with Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness, Embodiment, Inner child and Past-life Regression and Spiritual Life Coaching

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Here’s what my clients have felt after our sessions-


“You have been of great significance in my journey to healing. The best part is you made me heal myself. Your approach towards spirituality also made me connect with you which made the conversations more comfortable. I am grateful for you being my therapist.”


“She is brilliant at her job and a wonderful person ...Talking to her makes half of the problem go away...When I first went to Ruchika I was really in a very bad state of mind everything was falling apart but after a few sessions I was seeing positive change in me, I started feeling alive and it boosted my confidence and finally, after all the efforts been put by Ruchika i was back on feet with much more enthusiasm with a very positive approach to my problems”


“I’ve hugely benefited from every single session I’ve had with her. I haven’t only healed myself but got to know myself on a whole different level. I’m glad I came across her and chose her 😌 keep up the good work 💕”


“Last year I was in a very bad phase of my life when I got stuck with one incident. It made me so much stressed, depressed and whatnot. Sometimes I was struggling to get out of the house and if I got out I just used to think about that incident and cry. Those were days when underwent a lot of mental agony and shock. Only after I came in contact with Ruchika ma'am, I was relieved of the mental stress and depression. I am thankful to Ruchika ma'am forget through that bad phase of my life by teaching me how to handle our thoughts, emotions, and feelings through continuous practice of mindfulness. I could never get through the bad days without you ma'am.”

Before you go into the wait-list, book a Discovery call to explore your problems and I'll share how I can help you

Note: This is a two-way street and if you put in your side of the effort, there is absolutely NOTHING that will stop you. In fact, you will be surprised to meet the REAL version of you that unfolds in therapy.