Psychospiritual Therapy for your Mind, Body & Soul

I believe that any problems deserves to be seen and understood at a holistic level. So therapy needs to impact all levels of your existence- your mind, body & soul

I combine my professional skills with my ability to connect with your emotions intuitively to help you pursue the best possible journey towards feeling more whole, complete and happy- no matter where you start your journey from!

My work speaks of my personal experience of the awakening Divine Feminine in me, which brought me closer to who I was and what I was meant to do. This experience gave me clarity, connection, intuition, gratitude and a changed perspective towards the power of my femininity. 

And I’m here to bring you closer to your truth, closer to your own happiness and peace


I’m Ruchika Garg- your guide and witness in your journey of self-exploration

I am an experienced-

  • Psychologist

  • Hypnotherapist

  • NLP Coach

  • Spiritual Life Coach

  • Mindfulness Coach

Client I get very awkward when someone passes a compliment Therapist What are you thinking

I'm a survivor of Clinical Depression & Hypochondriasis, and my personal life experience has helped me to understand the emotional and spiritual needs of people. 

This is why I follow a holistic approach towards therapy and coaching, where
I focus on "what happened to you" and not on "what is wrong with you"

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