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“The love and acceptance of a therapist can change you forever.. A change you see each time you look into the mirror



therapy for Emotional wellness

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1:1 sessions to deal with negative thoughts, emotional baggage and subconscious blocks to happiness & success

therapy & coaching for weight-loss

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1:1 sessions to discover subconscious beliefs that keep you overweight and connect lovingly with your happy body, no matter how much you weigh

womb healing

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Group program to connect emotionally with your womb and Sacral chakra to open up intuition and embrace your Divine Feminine


I am Ruchika Garg

Psychospiritual Therapist and Coach

I have worked with hundreds of adults and helped them find success and happiness in life, even in dire situations.


I combine my practice as a Psychologist with Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Spiritual Life Coaching. I am able to connect with your emotions intuitively to help you pursue the best possible journey towards feeling more whole, complete and happy- no matter where you start your journey from!


I find immense pleasure in helping adults love and accept themselves for who they are, and in overcoming blocks to true happiness

Connect with me over mail or a Discovery call if you're willing to be in a safe space and find the spark in your soul.

I will not only help you to cope, I will help you to heal..

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what my clients say-

“Initially I had a doubt that how could someone help me with my anxiety over a video call? But maam was there as a friend and mentor. She guided me on how to tackle my problems. Believe it or not, that first session itself removed half of my anxiety. Reaching out to Ruchika maam is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank You for all your help maam!”