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Award-winning Emotional Wellness
Therapist & Coach

A safe, private and non-judgemental space

Having experienced Clinical Depression and Anxiety myself, I understand it can get really tough. With the right tools, care and unconditional love & acceptance, you will blossom..

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Is this your first time?

Therapy is a process where you will develop a loving, trusting relationship with yourself.


Along with this, we will explore your problems in depth, discover the root-cause and work towards your highest best.


Even if you're confused, you can book your first (free) Consultation call to understand how therapy works and how it may help.

Most clients start off this way, and I appreciate the courage it takes!

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Client Testimonials

"Initially I had a doubt that how could someone help me with anxiety over a video call? But Ma'am was there as a friend and mentor. She guided me on how to tackle my problems. Believe it or not, the first session itself removed half of my anxiety.

Reaching out to Ruchika Ma'am is one of the best decisions ever made. Thank You for all your help!"

"You've done such a magic Ruchika! I'm totally grateful to your therapy and post that I'm not feeling guilty expressing my anger in an assertive way.

Couldn't agree more how much peace and love it has brought into my marital life after you made me aware of my emotions. Loads of love!

"Guidance by Ruchika was an eye opener.. The first session helped me understand how much I need to work on myself. And she provided me with various techniques to cope with difficult emotions.

I have grown personally and professionally after that and I'm grateful for all the efforts she's taken for me. Thank you so much!"


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