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Is it difficult to lose weight?

If you're not losing weight despite Diets, Exercise, Fasting and every other option you've tried,

and you're beating yourself up for it

Then this is for you!

I know you want to-

  • Stop cursing yourself each time you look into the mirror

  • Feel more active and energetic and pursue your hobbies/passions

  • Be more confident when you’re out with friends and family

  • Be free of health concerns that come with weight


But the problem is you have unknown blocks that prevent you from sustaining a balanced routine with ease and joy, be it diet, exercise, or anything that is good for your body. So it feels too tough, or your body simply does not allow any weight loss.

The reason behind that problem is that weight loss is an emotional and spiritual journey.

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Research has shown that emotional burdens add on to bodyweight that refuses to leave (hence called emotional weight). You may not even be aware of those burdens, because most of them are on a deep, subconscious level.



So you struggle on a daily basis with excessive weight- physical and emotional:

  • You have to hunt for clothes that cover your ‘flaws’

  • You can’t pursue your dreams- dancing, trekking, traveling as much

  • You avoid social situations because you feel you don’t look good enough to fit in

  • You feel sick and tired of diet and exercise routines that are almost impossible

  • You feel losing weight may not even be for you, so you’ve started to accept it all.

And this is exactly why I created this program for you

 Emotional Weight Loss

Your journey towards a Happy Body

Here, I address the root cause of body weight, which are the 3 Ps:

Pain - accumulation of past hurt, trauma, abandonment and rejection, which create emotions and beliefs that get stored in your fat cells. The fat doesn't go unless you release those emotions and beliefs.

Protection- subconscious need to hold on to weight to feel safe and protected. Using embodiment to cultivate safety within and hence release the need to have layers of weight.

Programming- Unconscious negative reaction to healthy choices (usually food and exercise). Our programming creates a tendency to fill up emotional emptiness with food, or skip exercise as self-sabotage. Developing skills to process emotions and not cover up discomfort with food keeps the extra weight away!

With my 3Ps formula along with all the additional support you’ll need on this journey, it becomes easy and joyful to lose weight, while you love your body every step of the journey.

you will be able to-

  • Enjoy a 'happy body', and reach there with love and joy

  • Discover a newly found lightness in your body, unlock your body-flow

  • Feel genuinely happy when you look into the mirror

  • Step into your social life with radiating confidence

  • Be more available to yourself and your loved ones

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Enjoy the hobbies you gave away

🔸Complete case history, from childhood to current date, exploring all blocks to weight lo

Wondering if this is right for you?
Start with a call

Here’s what clients have experienced:


“You made me feel aware of what my body is doing for me... I was hating it for being obese but you helped me to acknowledge that how much my body care for me and that is why I am what I am today...

Your session was an eye opener for me and provided me the ability to love my body the way it is! 

Just one session had a huge impact, I can understand what other sessions is going to serve me... Thanks a lot...

And I want to share one more thing... After the session I feel as if my body has become lighter than before... As if someone has pulled the extra baggage from it and made it free...


Cannot thank you enough Ruchika...


Thanks for the enlightenment..”

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If you believe in doing the work and getting sustainable results, book a call with me

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